Ethical Angel's

Field Of Dreams
Peekaboo Dave
'a.d.' Martian Ministry

Extra-Terrestial Exchange Student; InstrumentalDavid Ishii Call Sign; Peekaboo Dave Song Writer, Artist, Book Author, Scuptor, Poet
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Rock, Paper, Scissors Ten Commandments Etched In Stone
Stroll Sashay Ease On Down The Road
 Selfie Hashtag Scroll
The Good samaritans; Morals Family Values Price Point Priceless
Oh So Whimsy, Quite Whimsy Can I Get A Witness Damn Skippy
Honest Abe, Honorable Abe, Ethical Ethics Peekaboo Dave

Practically Whimsically Sinless In Every Way !


Operation Ethical Angel's David Ishii; Peekaboo Dave
Born The A River Seattle
, Washington GOD'S Country U.S.A
United States Navy Naval Vietnam Era Veteran
Foot Of 32 Street San Diego
, California Miramar Naval Air Station
Sailed Parts Of The Seventh Seas Seen Experienced A lot
's Journey Educated ' School Of Hard Knox ' 
Pacific Northwest The New Holy Grounds 2022
'A.D.' New Jerusalem
, Holy Smokes Give Glory Heaven Pitch Tent
Back To The Future
, Facing Future Ta-ta Tally Up Tally-ho
We Are The Living Generation Of End Times
Voice Forensic Truth The Way So Help Me GOD
-pluribus-unum The FATHER Is My Secret Judge !

Martian Ministry
, TorahGideon's Bible
Beam Me Up Peekaboo Dave
's Traveling Salvation Show
Extra-Terrestrial Foreign Exchange Student

Fly Girl's, Fly Boy's Fly By Air force-One
.F.O Flying Saucers Come One, Come All
, Come Feast The Famine Hoarders Fellowship
'{E.T...}' All Inclusive Junket; Way Station Planet Earth
's Greetings Paint The Town Red Roll Out The Red Carpet
Granny, Gramps Matrix Of A Third Kind Holy Smoke's Smoke 
& Mirrors
Blue Gas From Outer Space
Welcome To The Twilight-Zone
Kodak Moment Strike A Pose

Cover Of The Rolling Stones
Selfies Look At The Birdie
  Who Cut The Cheese ?
YouTube, Tic-Tok; Lights, Camera, Action Area 51 Roll'm    
Aliens T.I.V.O Watch Paint Dry Micheal Angelo Will Paint You A Picture
Adams First Breath Of Air
, Gramps, Aliens & Eddy Biddy Babies My Little Martian Friends
Please Purdy Please Don't Forget E.T.'s Baby Tote Bag   
 Granny What That Smell ?
A Green Gooey Mess
Grandpa Seeing Is Believing
Please Purdy Please Keep It Clean
Proofs In The Pudding  

Pardon My Pun
Extraterrestrial Butt Wipe'

Ye Ole Job Oldest Story Told Book Of Job
Oldies But Goodies Gideons Bible Tried And True

Aloha Easy Bra
Gather Around I Say On To You "Martian's" 
Time To Get Our Mahalo On
Peekaboo Dave's White Sandy Beach Summer 
Grunion Run Fellowship Get Our Grub On
Grape Juice, Table Wine Heavens Private Reserve 7.7.7% GOD'S Alcohol
  Worshipers E.T; Please Purdy Know Ones Limitation Moderations Please !

 Deep Roasted Banana Leaf Wrapped Kailua Pig Deep Roasted Seared
Charbroiled Marsh-mellows On A Skewed Stick Lightly Seared
Communion Break Bread 
Hawaii's Sweet Egg Bread
Look, Listen, See Changelings USSEnterprise Doctor Spock's Ears
As The Story Goes Vary
, Vary Early On Time Tunneled 
Tales Of ' Unconditional Luv ' Heavens Most Highest {Father GOD}
A Wager Between GOD & Hater; Player Hater SATAN
Author James Webb, I.S.B.N Mister Hubbell
Peekaboo Dave; Peekaboo Opera Glassed Here's Looking At You 
E.T'; There Will Be A Quiz At Thee End
Jealousy Of Job Why The Father Had Special Place In His Heart
Casino Royale
Heaven's Sports Book
Who Do You Like Today ?
The Big 5-0
's Up
, Place Or Show
Dano Book'm

Curators, Milky Way Place Your Bet's Read On Rest Your Begets
Earthling, E.T; 
Ringside Seats, Lucifers Nose Bleed Seats Please Cauterize
Shot At GOD'S Title;
Satan You Could Of Been A Contender
Shot At Job's Title
Ding, Ding
Float Like A Butterfly
Sting Like
Cloak & Dagger

I'm Com'n Out Swinging

Down Goes Satan
Down Goes Satan
Down Goes Satan
Over & Underline

Thee Fallen Angel Six Feet Under
Satans Pissed He Lost His Wager
Shirt Still On My Back
Oh My Boils

Job Lost It All
Family & Friends, I.R.A, 401K Plan Live-Stock & Barrel
Bah Hum Bug
Tainted Feeling Slighted

Moon River

Purdy Please Purdy
Pass The Penicillin